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For over twenty years, Clinical Research Institute of Southern Oregon (Crisor) has thrived as one of the premier clinical sites in the United States. Working with some of the foremost global pharmaceutical companies, Crisor has been a top enrolling site on over one hundred different research studies for patients with asthma, COPD, diabetes, allergic rhinitis and other conditions.

Crisor has cared for thousands of patients in Southern Oregon and Northern California, who have received excellent care and treatment with new state-of-the-art medications for their diseases, all at no cost to the patient.

Allergic Rhinitis
Atopic Dermatitis
Nasal Polyps
Eosinophilic Esophagitis
High Blood Pressure
Lipid Disorders
Elevated Cholesterol
Biologic Therapy Studies
Pain Management
Memory Disorders (such as Alzheimer’s)
Common Cold
Weight Loss

Dr. Edward Kerwin, MD

Crisor was founded in 1997 by Dr. Edward Kerwin, MD, a board certified respiratory, allergy and clinical immunology specialist. Dr. Kerwin has been Principal Investigator on over 700 protocols and has helped many pharmaceutical companies as a consultant, author for papers, and as a reviewer of clinical study reports and draft protocols.

Dr. Kerwin comes to clinical research from an interesting background. He received his undergraduate degree in physics from Colorado College and then worked as a research scientist for NASA in Houston from 1979-1984. He then went on to obtain a master’s degree in History of Science from Princeton University. He received his MD from University of Colorado Medical School, completed his internal medicine studies at University of Iowa, and his allergy training at National Jewish Center in Denver. Dr. Kerwin has practiced in Medford, Oregon since 1993, and has overseen clinical trials as a Principal Investigator since 1994.

Danuel Hamlin
Danuel Hamlin, BS, CCRC, AE-C has been a Clinical Research Coordinator at Crisor, LLC since 2001 and our Clinical Research Director since 2004. Dan has a background in sports medicine and also played football at Southern Oregon University in Ashland, Oregon. At Crisor, Dan oversees training for all staff along with site preparation for sponsor and regulatory agency audits.  Dan has built one of the strongest teams anywhere to serve patients and work with clinical research sponsors to have excellent, perfectly executed clinical trials. Dan is the leader of our team.
Ali Alvord

Alli Alvord, BS has been the Office Manager and Financial Manager of Crisor, LLC since 2008. Alli handles numerous details from overseeing contracts with sponsors, payroll, new employee hiring, bookkeeping, accounts receivable tasks, and making sure all research patient participants receive reimbursement stipends for their clinical trial work.

Kelly Chase

Kelly Chase has been employed by Crisor, LLC since 2001. She serves our clinical research team by ensuring that Crisor meets all FDA regulations and Institutional Research Board requirements. She frequently interacts with pharmaceutical company sponsors and contract research organizations in regulatory and administrative aspects of conducting our clinical trials.

Melissa Myers

Melissa Myers, BS, CCRC has been a coordinator at Crisor since 2006 and Quality Control Director for ten years. At Crisor, we say “quality starts when your pen hits paper, or your finger hits a key stroke.” Melissa assists with staff training, and processes of informed consent, document collection, transcription of data into electronic reporting forms, monitoring visits, and other sponsor site interactions. Melissa also helps prepare for audits, where sponsors and regulatory agencies review the clinical data obtained at Crisor.

Ali Alvord

Ben Taucher, BS, CCRC has been working as a Crisor Clinical Research Coordinator since 2010 and as one of our Assistant Research Directors since 2017. Along with coordinating studies, Ben oversees our advertising and is also the Director of our Recreational Activities Committee (CRI-RAC), encouraging our staff to participate in fun group activities such as themed mud runs, skiing/snowboarding trips, rafting along the Rogue River, and running local races such as the Pear Blossom. Our CRI-RAC committee encourages our staff to engage in healthy and fun activities while also promoting comradery amongst our team. Ben’s friendly and energetic spirit make him the perfect person to lead this group and also make him a valuable part of our study coordinator team.

Ali Alvord

Savannah Peterson, BC, CCRC has been working as a Crisor Clinical Research Coordinator since 2010 and as one of our Assistant Research Directors since 2017. She helps us achieve high enrollment on difficult studies while also mastering the many details required for each trial. Savannah also assists with training of new site staff, initial sponsor site evaluation visits, and the development and implementation of quality control measures. Her enthusiasm working with patients, experience conducting challenging study procedures, and fun personality all make her a key member of our study coordinator team.

Crisor hires and trains some of the finest coordinators in the United States.  We adopt a teamwork approach on each study and work hard to provide excellent care and attention to our patients while carefully following all required study details.  We have developed great friendships with many of our patients who have participated in our studies over the years.

Our research coordinators also take on fun personal lives too: some are marathon runners, youth athletic coaches, gardeners, and competitive sports athletes.  Many of our coordinators also balance busy family lives with the detailed procedures they perform at Crisor.

Danuel Hamlin, BS, CCRC, AE-C
Crisor Study Coordinator
Since 2001
Melissa Myers, BS, CCRC
Crisor Study Coordinator
Since 2006
Ryan Rackley, BS, CCRC
Crisor Study Coordinator
Since 2006
Audrey Kuehl, BS, CCRC
Crisor Study Coordinator
Since 2007
Ben Taucher, BS, CCRC
Crisor Study Coordinator
Since 2010
Savannah Peterson, BS, CCRC
Crisor Study Coordinator
Since 2010
Hannah Hall, BA, CRC
Crisor Study Coordinator
Since 2013
Chase Boehmer, BS, CCRC
Crisor Study Coordinator
Since 2014
Teiryn Brennan, BS, CRC
Crisor Study Coordinator
Since 2017

Astra Zeneca
Pearl Therapeutics

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